Apamate 73.5% Dark Chocolate Blocks (select quantity)

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Apamate 73.5% Dark Chocolate Blocks

For information on quantity discounts on more than 22 lbs. please call 800-357-3999

  • - Apamate is a very smooth dark chocolate with a delicate fruity aroma, subtle acidity and a long, lingering flavor of premium cacao.

    - The higher cacao butter content gives Apamate tremendous "mouthfeel" and less perceived bitterness than many other gourmet chocolates. Well balanced and harmonius, Apamate is the least sweet of the El Rey dark chocolates. - For bakers and pastry chefs, Apamate melts easily and is recommended for all tempering applications.

    - **PLEASE NOTE**:We do not guarantee that blocks will not crack/break during shipment. No refunds or replacement for broken blocks.