About Us



“Venezuelan cacao is the most aromatic and flavorful in the world”

We at Chocolates El Rey take personal pride in this assertion because since our founding in 1929 we have utilized only this premium grade, locally grown raw material in the formulation of all our products.  We understand that great chocolate originates in the farm. It is for this reason that El Rey long ago committed itself to becoming a world class agribusiness, painstakingly monitoring the entire process from bean to bar.



We’re a family business, one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in Venezuela – in fact, one of the oldest industrial concerns in the country and we have built our reputation on basic principles of uncompromising quality, team effort, constant technological innovation and by earning the satisfaction of our customers.

All of us at Chocolates El Rey family take great pleasure in introducing you to the very delicate but intrinsic balance of flavor and aroma, as well as the subtle, lingering delight of El Rey chocolate – The King of chocolate made with the King of cacao.

To us, the formula for success is comprised by the following:

100% Premium Venezuelan cacao

The best people

The latest technology