Bucare 58.5% Dark Chocolate Blocks (select quantity)

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Bucare 58.5% Dark Chocolate Blocks

  • - Bucare is a versatile, balanced dark chocolate that has pleasant tones of dried fruit. Moderately acidic, less fluid, Bucare has a long, lingering "mouthfeel" with great character and texture. For years it has been relied upon for balance between flavor, aroma, and flexibility, making it El Rey's recommended all purpose dark chocolate.

    - However, Bucare is hearty and thick and not recommended for confectionery or decorative applications where a more fluid chocolate is desired. 

    - Use for molded chocolates and glazes, filling for pastries and cakes. Make chocolate covered pretzels. Mix up a batch of hot chocolate. Use as a glaze for Boston cream pie. Pair with a soft minerally red like Tempranillo, Barbera d'Alba, or a Meritage.

    - **PLEASE NOTE**:We do not guarantee that blocks will not crack/break during shipment. No refunds or replacement for broken blocks.