Discos Sampler

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El Rey Discos Sampler, containing all 6 six of our Carenero Superior premium chocolates;

- 34% Icoa White Chocolate

- 41% Caoba Milk Chocolate

- 58.5% Bucare Dark Chocolate

- 61% Mijao Milk Chocolate

- 70% Gran Saman Dark Chocolate

- 73.5% Apamate Dark Chocolate

  • Each El Rey Discos Sampler contains 5 oz. each of 6 different El Rey flavors;

    34% Icoa White Chocolate: Named Best White Chocolate in the World in the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 International Chocolate Awards, Icoa is uniquely flavorful and fragrant, because the cacao butter has not been stripped clean of all favor and made uniform by extreme deodorization processes. With overtones of nut and caramel, Icoa is significantly less sweet than other white chocolates and tastes buttery and full in the mouth.

    41% Caoba Milk Chocolate: Caoba is a smooth and fluid dark milk chocolate with enticing cacao aroma and notes of caramel and nut. These flavors are the result of higher than normal cacao content, among the highest of any milk chocolate on the market.

    58.5% Bucare Dark Chocolate: Bucare is a versatile, balanced dark chocolate that has pleasant tones of dried fruit. Moderately acidic, less fluid, Bucare has a long, lingering "mouthfeel" with great character and texture. For years it has been relied upon for balance between flavor, aroma, and flexibility, making it El Rey's recommended all purpose dark chocolate.

    61% Mijao Dark Chocolate: Mijao is a smooth, well-balanced dark chocolate that is neither too acidic nor too bitter. With hints of apricot and plum, Mijao is less sweet, melts easier and has a silkier "mouthfeel" produced by the high cacao butter content.

    70% Gran Saman Dark Chocolate: Gran Saman is bold, earthy and complex, with the most pronounced, flavorful bitterness and refreshing acidity of all of El Rey's dark chocolates. Wild and adventurous, it is noticeably stronger, intensely full of flavors and less fluid than El Rey's other formulations.

    73.5% Apamate Dark Chocolate: Perfect for bakers and pastry chefs, Apamate is a very smooth dark gourmet chocolate with a delicate fruity aroma, subtle acidity and a long, lingering flavor of cacao.