Icoa 34% White - Two Individually Wrapped Baking Bars

Icoa 34% White - Two Individually Wrapped Baking Bars
  • Named Best White Chocolate in the World at the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 International Chocolate Awards.

    Unlike most white chocolate, Icoa actually contains 34% cacao content in the form of cacao butter. In addition, El Rey uses only non-deodorized cacao butter, making it uniquely flavorful and fragrant.

    With overtones of nut and caramel, Icoa is significantly less sweet than other white chocolates and tastes buttery and full in the mouth. Unusual for a white chocolate, Icoa has enough inherent flavor to stand on its own in a dessert or may be blended in as well, giving depth and complexity to a dessert.

    Use to make white chocolate bread pudding or to dip strawberries. Melt into homemade mashed potatoes. Make white chocolate and Amaretto cheesecake, or white chocolate macadamia cookies. Drizzle over lemon cookies or lemon bars. Pair with Port and spiced wines.