Mijao 61% Dark Chocolate - 80 Gram Chocolate Bar

Mijao 61% Dark - 80 gram chocolate bar
  • Mijao is a smooth, well-balanced dark chocolate that is neither too acidic nor too bitter. With hints of apricot and plum, Mijao is less sweet, melts easier and has a silkier "mouthfeel" produced by the high cacao butter content, from premium Venezuelan cacao.

    Mijao is a general, all purpose dark chocolate that performs well in all applications, including tempering, where intense chocolate flavor is not desired. For pastry chefs; use to make a sauce, chocolate drinks, ice cream. Bakers can combine with Apamate to make mousse. Chop into large pieces and use in gourmet chocolate chip cookies. Add to homemade tomato sauces, like marinara, to add flavor. Pair with Port or Sangiovese.