Mission - Vision - Values




We are a cacao-based agribusiness dedicated to fully satisfying our customers needs through our commitment to do our job better each and every day.




To be a world class agribusiness.




     We believe that...

Our PEOPLE are the company’s most valuable asset. Qualified and motivated people produce exceptional results.

QUALITY is the purpose of all our internal processes.

We conduct all our affairs within the strictest standards of personal and corporate ETHICS, and we promote that same conduct with all of our associates.

The challenge of competitiveness motivates our commitment to be on the cutting edge of TECHNOLOGY in all areas of our business.

To achieve a sustained DEVELOPMENT of the company within the highest standards of corporate governance is the best response we can give our shareholders in return for the responsibility they have deposited in us.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the ENVIRONMENT, as part of our contribution to bettering the quality of life of future generations of Venezuelans.