Our History



The Tuozzo Zozaya and Company concern is founded in Caracas by José Rafael Zozaya y Carmelo Tuozzo. It is actually the second chocolate company established in Venezuela. In a short period of time, they managed to produce the finest chocolate in the country. So they proudly named it EL REY (The King).


The Zozaya family and the Redmond family become partners. The company changes from a family enterprise to a stock company, which now has a new name: Chocolates El Rey, C.A., the same brand as the products processed in the factory.


First transformation of the company. This occurs when the processing technology is improved and the exportation of cacao derivatives (cacao liquor, cacao butter and cacao powder) increases.



The Venezuelan government monopolizes the marketing of cacao in Venezuela in detriment of the generations of Venezuelans that made history by placing Venezuelan cacao in the world markets.


The construction of a new factory begins in Cumana, State of Sucre, with the intention of transferring all the operations there. At that time, the city of Cumana absorbed 60% of the national production.


The government changes the rules of the game in so far as cacao prices are concerned by favoring the export of the cacao grain. The company is forced to abandon its exporting efforts and to focus exclusively on the domestic market.


After a stable but limited growth period, Chocolates El Rey, C.A. quickly reacts to a new government initiative: to lead the country along the path of a market economy. A second transformation in foreign trade takes place in the country; this time, it is based on the comparative advantages of Venezuelan cacao in an effort to become competitive within a regional and world economic integration scheme.



Inauguration of the new factory in Barquisimeto, Lara State, where all the industrial operations are now integrated. A new international stage of the company begins with the first exports to the United States.


Massive consumption products are inaugurated and exports are made to Colombia, Suriname, Trinidad, Curacao and Aruba.


Chocolate exports are made to Japan.


The Venezuelan massive consumption market is explored with a new line of confectionery.


Chocolates El Rey, C.A. is awarded the ISO-9002 certification (given by Fondonorma) thereby ratifying the company's high quality standards in accordance with the requirements of the Venezuelan COVENIN ISO Standard.