Premium Line


Icoa 34% White Chocolate

Caoba 41% Milk Chocolate

Bucare 58.5% Dark Chocolate

  • 2012 through 2016 winner of Best White Chocolate in the World
  • Made with non-deodorized cacao butter
  • Overtones of nut and caramel, buttery and full
  • 2015 Winner of Best Milk Chocolate in the Americas
  • Smooth and fluid, with enticing cacao aroma

  • Versatile, balanced dark chocolate with tones of fruit
  • Less fluid, moderately acidic, with a long lingering mouthfeel


Mijao 61% Dark Chocolate

Gran Saman 70% Dark Chocolate

Apamate 73.5% Dark Chocolate

  • Smooth dark chocolate that is neither too dark nor too bitter
  • Hints of apricot and plum, with a silky mouthfeel
  • Bold, earthy, and complex, intensely full of flavors
  • Wild and adventurous, noticeably stronger and less fluid than El Rey's other dark chocolates
  • Very smooth dark chocolate with a delicate fruity aroma
  • Well balances and harmonious,  with subtle acidity and a long lingering flavor of premium cacao