Special Reserves

Aniversario 56% Milk Chocolate


Made to commemorate Chocolates El Rey’s 85th anniversary

One of the darkest milk chocolates available anywhere in the world, with undertones of wood and a hint of fruitiness, and a long extension of rich cacao flavor. 

60.5% Cariaco Dark Chocolate


Named after a Caribbean bay on the northeast coast of Venezuela, where the cacao used in this chocolate grows. 

A smooth, bittersweet chocolate noted for its fruity acidity and long linger on the palate, made from only premium Venezuelan cacao. 

Pairs well with Petite Syrah or Cabernet Franc. 

70% Sur del Lago


Sur del Lago is produced from a direct descendent of the Criollo bean, the rarest, most prized and coveted beans, which produce the greatest cacao flavor in the world. 

Our Sur del Lago beans, grown in the forest south of Lake Maracaibo, in the Zulia state, produce the finest dark chocolate Chocolates El Rey has ever imported to the United States, 

Profile of roasted nuts, a tinge of wood, and a long extension of rich cacao flavor.