Chocolates El Rey Tasting Room

At Chocolates El Rey's Tasting Room, you not only get to taste award-winning chocolates, but also learn about the chocolate making process as well!

Discover how Venezuelan farmers grow some of the world's finest cacao using techniques honed by generations, before that cacao is crafted into delicious chocolates. 

We are now open and offering tastings and purchases on our front porch.

Product pictures and information can be viewed on our Website or on our tasting room windows.

Stop by for a visit and experience the taste of premium chocolate from Venezuela.

Tasting Room Hours:  (Hours subject to change seasonally)


By appointment only


1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 


Noon to 5 p.m. 


10 to 6 p.m.


11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Call 1-800-357-3999 

Sample Tasting (changes weekly)

Included in our tastings are 3 premium El Rey chocolates, paired with an assortment of products that El Rey makes such as Barks, Nuts, Fudge and other delights.

WHITE: 34% Icoa White Chocolate, 5 time winner of Best White Chocolate in the World (International Chocolate Awards)

DARK: 61% Mijao Dark Chocolate, bittersweet dark chocolate with a silky "mouthfeel"

DARK: 73.5% Apamate Dark Chocolate, dark and rich but with a delicate fruity aroma


42 South Ranch Road 1623

Stonewall TX 78671


(Near Fredericksburg TX, about 1 hr west of Austin TX)