Venezuelan Cacao

Chef Talk 

Steve Klc
Pastry Chef, 

"El Rey have lots of character and complexity — as a brand, El Rey is more adventurous, intense and full-bodied - than others on the market... I'm glad there is a distinctive, high-quality and affordable alternative to the glut of generically-bland, over-conched and over-priced chocolates on the market."

Maricel Presilla 
Ph.D. Culinary Historian
Author of The Foods of Latin America Weehawken, NJ

"Bucare Dark Chocolate - 58.5% is extraordinary — a smooth, bittersweet chocolate bursting with the aroma and flavor of the tropics. It's just perfect for this creamy and sensual bread pudding!"

Emily Luchetti
Author and Executive Pastry Chef of Farallon 
San Francisco, CA

" El Rey White Chocolate is fantastic — I love its perfumy aroma and its rich, smooth flavor. It's perfect with raspberries."

Darcy Tizio
Executive Pastry Chef of Farallon 
San Francisco, CA

" El Rey Milk Chocolate is smooth in texture and has wonderful caramel and earthy flavors; after my first taste of El Rey Milk Chocolate, I was hooked for life."

Tim Grable
Pastry Chef
Kuleto's Italina Restaurant
San Francisco, CA

" El Rey White Chocolate is simply the best tasting white chocolate I have ever worked with. The rich, full flavor of the Venezuelan Cacao makes it irreplaceable in my chocolate desserts."

Andrew MacLauchlan
Pastry Chef, Coyete Cafe
Santa Fe, NM

"El Rey Gran Saman Dark Chocolate 70% is a deep, intensely flavored chocolate that makes the dramatic difference in my desserts."

Francois Payard
Pastry Chef, Payard's Patisserie
New York, NY

" The exceptional flavor of El Rey chocolates makes them my first choice for use in my recipes."

Elizabeth Falkner
Pastry Chef
Citizen Cake
San Francisco, CA

"The flavor of El Rey Apamate Dark Chocolate 73.5% seems earthy and toasty with a hint of spice."

Dan Budd
Lecturing Pastry Chef
The Culinary Institue of America
Hyde Park, NY

"I knew from my first bite that this was going to be a life long relationship."


Chef Joseph Poupon
Chef Patisserie Poupon
Baltimore, MD

"Cacao Powder El Rey is the finest cacao powder I've ever used."